Self Love

Take a moment and remember an experience where you or someone you know were completely filled with joy and happiness. Recall what it felt like to [...]


I’ve been thinking a lot about fulfillment and satisfaction recently. I started to question the little things I was choosing to do everyday [...]

Housesits & Yoga

To all of you who have had me housesit over the past 2 years, thank you!  Since I have been back from my trip to Bali last year, I’ve [...]

New Chapter

After much soul-searching and uncertainty, I’ve turned the page to a new chapter. This website is the metaphorical title and this post is [...]

Right Effort

I have been doing some remodeling on a clients home in Palm Springs and much of the labor I am doing personally. I will travel down on a [...]

Pain ~ Fear

As a child I loved to fall…I would purposefully fall down stairs and have my friends roll me end-over-end in a rabbit cage my parents had [...]



Intimacy is a short film dedicated to exploring my relationship and feelings that surround the emotional and physical connections I have with myself and others.


Open is a 20 minute guided yoga practice filmed in the foothills of Santa Barbara that can be practiced by all levels.

What a Pool Believes

What a Pool Believes is a short silent film, shot in Santa Barbara using natural light. It was featured in the 2015 Santa Barbara Film Festival and has won international acclaim.

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