Self Love

studio luminous hot springs

Take a moment and remember an experience where you or someone you know were completely filled with joy and happiness. Recall what it felt like to be there, the smells that may have been present, the people and whatever else comes to mind. Immerse your self in that memory for as long as you can […]

Housesits & Yoga

studio luminous paris

To all of you who have had me housesit over the past 2 years, thank you! ¬†Since I have been back from my trip to Bali last year, I’ve traveled through 7 different countries and house/pet sat over 40 different places… It has been, and continues to be an adventure! I am honored to share […]

New Chapter

studio luminous mirimar

After much soul-searching and uncertainty, I’ve turned the page to a new chapter. This website is the metaphorical title and this post is to share with you what studio luminous is. My journey in life has taken me along many paths, from building speakers and washing cars to owning a electrical contracting business and teaching […]

Right Effort

studio luminous right effort

I have been doing some remodeling on a clients home in Palm Springs and much of the labor I am doing personally. I will travel down on a Wednesday, stay with my mom nearby and then work from sunrise to sunset until Sunday. I have just recovered from a work week that completely exhausted me […]

Pain ~ Fear

studio luminous backbend

As a child I loved to fall…I would purposefully fall down stairs and have my friends roll me end-over-end in a rabbit cage my parents had empty in the back yard. Even in gymnastics I remember a specific event that happened when I was competing on the floor and did a back handspring which ended […]